You have an appointment.... Now what?


You will receive a call to remind you of your appointment the day prior and on Thursday's for Monday appointments.  PLEASE CALL BACK to confirm. This will allow us to adjust our schedule if needed.


Please fill out this  Coronavirus Screening on our website by 4 pm the day prior to your appointment.  It must be filled out no greater than 24 hrs prior to your appointment or else it will need to be done again.


When you arrive for your appointment, please call us to let us know you have have arrived.  We will come out to get your from your car or will instruct you to come in if we are ready.  



Please bring a mask to wear into the office.  Once you are inside and your temperature is taken, you will be instructed to remove mask.


If you get cold easily, please bring a sweatshirt or jacket to wear, we are keeping the office a little colder due to the extra PPE.