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We believe one of the most important steps for getting a healthy smile is by keeping your teeth clean.  This helps you prevent decay and bone loss, allows our staff to detect decay and bone loss at its earliest stages and allows us to help you avoid the loss of teeth due to bone loss or decay. At these appointments, we recommend annual radiographs and perform a periodontal assessment that allows us to determine if a regular cleaning, amore extensive debridement or a deep cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing, is necessary.  At each appointment, we perform a visual exam for oral cancer.

General Dentistry

We provide mutliple dental services:

-Digital Radiographs and Panoramic X-ray

-White/Composite Fillings

-Silver/Amalgam Fillings

-Crowns and Bridges


-Implant crowns



-Fluoride Treatment



Select Emergency Services

Depending on a patients health history and the degree of difficulty of the service, we provide the following services:

-Root Canal Therapy


-Incision and Drainage

-Site specific cleaning due to residual debris being lodged between teeth

-Smoothing out a chipped tooth

Whitening your teeth can be done multiple ways.  We provide three different at-home options for our patients:

   -Custom Bleaching trays with whitening syringes allow for a whiter               smile and future touch-ups

             -Once trays are purchased, individual whitening syringes can be

              purchased separately.

   -Sheer White white strips are a more affordable option that are   

     stronger than over-the-counter white strips.  These are also

     recommended for patients who are more temperature sensitive. 

   -Opalescence Go is another white strip option that whitens in a shorter

    period of time than the Sheer White.  It takes 15-20 minutes and has a

    higher strength of peroxide.   


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